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I wanted to create a backpack that would reflect the child's personality not only on the playground, but also at home and on the street. As small as it all started, Ralph and I were very pleased with the result, and soon the spark spread to many parents and children at the school gate. Ten years later, more than 150,000 Jeune Premier satchels are sold worldwide each year.

Jeune Premier has now spread the school fashion all over the world: from France to Russia and from the Emirates to South Korea. Today, the brand's proud distributors include 1000 retail outlets in 37 countries. Not bad at all for a craft that began at the kitchen table

The brand name "Jeune Premier" is a Flemish call sign for a well-behaved child who spontaneously comes into the spotlight, unintentionally but conspicuously!

The school bags are designed for children up to 12 years, but also want to inspire parents with their outstanding quality.

Jeune Premier wants to make children happy all over the world with its original and colorful designs. Since school fashion varies from country to country, Jeune Premier offers backpacks and accessories in all shapes and sizes. Children should be able to go to school as comfortably and safely as possible..

"We do all this to put smiles on children's faces, because our children are the most precious asset we have!”

Hélène Fransen
Creative director